Who Will Produce The Next Black Keys Album?

Update: We were all wrong. Check out this interview with Mark Neill on recording The Black Keys new album


A new Black Keys album is being recorded this August for release around March 2010.

With any new album there’s always an expectation from fans. Will it be better than the last? Better than their first? What will it sound like? Who will help produce it?

In order to help answer at least one of those questions, I thought it might be worthwhile polling fans.

I’ve noted some obvious candidates below who might be producing the album.

I’ve always hoped The RZA might be asked to produce.

Considering The Black Keys are playing The Roots Picnic in June 09, I thought The Roots’ drummer ?uestlove might be an outside chance.

Danger Mouse of course produced the last album.

Rick Rubin is interested in the band through the proposed ZZ Top collaboration.

Most albums have of course been self-produced by Dan and Pat. Considering their growing popularity The Black keys will surely be under pressure to use a noted producer or music identity again.

I also think there might be another choice from left field if you read between the lines in some Black Keys interviews.

Don’t be shy, have your say.

3 thoughts on “Who Will Produce The Next Black Keys Album?

  1. i just hope they go back to the simplistic, hard, raw sounding blues rock. i didn’t like their last album. i thought danger mouse over produced it

  2. Mark Neil, master of old vintage recording methods, is producing the Muscle Shoals album. I was told that by Neil’s ex-band mate two days ago. This is a dream producer for a band like the BKs. Here’s a link to his own studio (it’s not the studio the Keys are recording at. He produced them at the aforementioned Muscle Shoals):

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