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Check out these instrumental versions of some of the Blakroc tracks.

The Black Keys, of course, co-ordinated the musical production during the day while MCs added verse by night

Hearing them in this instrumental mode is how the various MCs would have been introduced to the tracks. Reckon you could have dropped as a good a rhyme over these tunes as quickly or as well as they did?

It brings the music back into focus hearing the tracks like this.

As Joel Hamilton, Blakroc co-producer, mentioned when the Blakroc album dropped all the attention would be on on the MCs and The Black Keys would be in a good position sitting back and observing it all. The rhymes are only a consequence of the spirit, adventure and live musicianship brought to the project by The Black Keys, he says:

What you’re hearing when Mos Def opens his mouth is his enthusiasm for what The Black Keys have already played.

Listen to the MP3s:

Listen to Hope You're Happy instrumental here

Listen to On The Vista instrumental here

Listen to Stay Off The Fuckin Flowers instrumental here

Listen to Aint Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) instrumental here

Listen to Hard Times instrumental here

Listen to Coochie instrumental here

Listen to Dollaz & Sense instrumental here

Listen to Why Can't I Forget Him instrumental here

Listen to What You Do To Me instrumental here

Listen to Tellin' Me Things instrumental here

Respect to jizamez for the tip.

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9 Responses to “Blakroc: Instrumental Versions”

  1. Rudiger says:

    Thanks for the instrumentals. Big improvement over the album versions in my opinion.

  2. johnny says:

    This post said it all. As fans of the Black Keys we can truly appreciate these instrumentals. This renews my appreciation for the Blakroc project & gets me excited for the next LP!

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  4. Ben says:

    Can I download these from somewhere?

  5. brucini says:

    @Ben can rip them from the YouTube uploads. Link to YouTube in the post

  6. David Helton says:

    just what I wanted to hear.

  7. Spencer says:

    What about “What You Do To Me”? I really want that instrumental, it’s like the best one in my opinion.

  8. k.rocc says:

    anyone has the instrumental for “tighten up”?

  9. RC says:

    The instrumentals aren’t on itunes or the black keys’ website. Where can I get these?

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