Backstage With The Black Keys

For many fans, meeting Dan and Pat from The Black Keys makes the music even better. Recounting meeting the band is a popular thread on The Black Keys Fan Lounge Forum.

So coming across this fan video (below) of The Black Keys performing live from the side of the stage clearly had a story behind it.

Watching The Black Keys from the side of stage would have to be a dream experience for most fans. No one just gets there without knowing someone who knows someone – unless you somehow have met the band.

The Black Keys Fan Lounge contacted jeangreydp, who took the video, about how exactly it was she managed to find herself side of stage watching The Black Keys perform. It’s a classic tale of a fan being in the right place at the right time:

It all began in Oakland, CA. I live south of there in Santa Clara and my best friend Jorden (a girl!) is a huge TBK fan. We went to the show and it was fantastic. Afterward we were hanging out at the bar at the venue and Patrick came out with some friends and we started drinking together. After a ‘greyhound’ or two we relocated down the street a bit and realized that the band was going to be in St. Louis, MO. playing a private show at a University campus.

I’m originally from St. Louis and already had a trip planned with my friend that same week. So, they put us on the guest list and we showed Patrick and some friends around St. Louis the night before the show. After the show we went to a low-key bar and met up with Dan.

It was a pretty good time and they are nice guys. My friend is an amazing artist and is going to be sending them designs for some shirts in the near future so perhaps you will be seeing them at the shows!

Good on you, jeangreydp, and thanks for sharing your story.


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