Listen: ‘Tighten Up’ Off The Black Keys’ New Album ‘Brothers’

The Black Keys have given influential BBC radio DJ Zane Lowe the first listen and play of the Danger Mouse produced track ‘Tighten Up’ off their new ‘Brothers‘ album.

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Is ‘Tighten Up’ then the lead single from the album even though ‘Howling For You’ is being released as a 12″ on April 17 in the USA?

Zane says:

From out of nowhere comes a Black Keys album called ‘Brothers’. No word on the grape vine, no rumour, no warning, no nuttin’. No complaints. Big fan of Black Keys. Always have been. And the new tune ‘Tighten Up’ adds a little sweet soul to their dynamic blues. Here’s hoping the other 14 tracks match up. As if they won’t.

I’m not sure where Zane’s been if he’s a big fan and not known the new ‘Brothers’ album is on its way – obviously not checking in on this website regularly 🙂


The Black Keys have now added the track to their MySpace page for streaming. Listen to the song without the interview and intro there.

Check out the video for Tighten Up here.

What do you think of the track?

20 thoughts on “Listen: ‘Tighten Up’ Off The Black Keys’ New Album ‘Brothers’

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  2. I’m having mixed feelings about this song. I was anticipating something along the lines of Chulahoma. Depending on how well it compliments the rest of the album I’ll have to stay on the fence.
    (I usually love everything these guys put out, what is wrong with me?)

  3. Its a good tune but nothing I would seek out, sounded over-produced and had less of the vibe I like. Hopefully other songs on album are more raw and as a whole, not like Attack and Release, which was good but not great IMHO.

  4. quiero maaaaaas!!!
    esto promete “brothers”!!

    aunke si el disco sigue la linea de esta cancion, van a ser dificiles sus directos con tan solo dos instrumentos…(ojala barcelona este dentro del tour!)

    enhorabuena por la web!

  5. I love the Key’s, but find this song a bit boring on first listen. It’s not a bad song, just not a repeat listener for me.

  6. I think Danger Mouse is an amazing producer, but this song definitely sounds more produced than their other stuff. I really like their rawness which is missing from this sound. Regardless I’m super-psyched for their new album.

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  8. These guys seem to be going for the soul/bad ass look and feel given the new myspace pictures that go along with this track. Well so the question is asked did they pull it off…yes. With ease I would say. This one song is smooooth, and I mean look at a girl and pouf she’s pregnant smooth. These guys can say hey lets make a soulful track then put our touch on it, oh and it has to sell. We have all seen more then a few bands do that, but these guys pull it off where others miss. Also what’s with the riff that comes out of left field at about the 2:38 mark? It’s simple but yet it’s that little touch that sets them apart. Simply said, if you wanted the album to sound like Chulahoma or one of their other albums then just listen to that album. If these guys start sounding predictable then what would be the point of a new album. I hope rest of the album sounds just as unpredictable as this.

  9. True soul has many shades, and by my count The Black Keys have laid it down straight every time they line up an album. I am excited by this new track it is NOT what i expected…..but neither was Attack and Release, Keep It Hid, or Blakroc. The Black Keys are for real and their music is no front. I Love It.

  10. The longer Danger Mouse hangs around the more room for concern. Tighten Up is already heading down the the wrong path, I’m glad to hear that Danger Mouse is only directly connected to this track. MSG, May 20th, Can’t Wait!

  11. @ wpegg1987 & Matt Gaude. When I first heard “Tighten Up” just days ago, I loved it instantly. Everyone I showed it to absolutely loved it as well. In the few times I’ve returned to TBK Fan Lounge since the song was posted I’ve been surprised at the comments it’s been receiving. Surprised that not everyone has been feeling the same way we have & really diggin the song. But your comments certainly have made valid points & have echoed my feelings & I’m sure many others’ feelings on the sound of the new material & the direction The Black Keys have always been heading. Thanks for speaking up!

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  14. the black keys always mix it up, but they never fail to deliver… you couldn’t possibly expect them to release the same types of sounds every time …

  15. I remember hearing that the Keys had talked to Rod Stewart about working together but that never really materialized. Anybody else think the whistling at the beginning of the song sounds like Rod’s song where he sings “if you want my body, and you think i’m sexy”? I think it does and found that interesting

  16. What is with all the hate? This is a really good tune. I hear people complaining about the produced sound, the involvement of Danger Mouse…..

    That’s all well and good—I think there is something essential in raw blues, but come on—you people are being negative nellies over what is a very soulful and well made song.

    Is it so much for them to try something different?? God forbid they hook up with a Grammy winning Producer and songwriter and make a few songs and see how it goes.

    I guess you can’t please everyone….but it’s your loss if you can’t open your mind a little bit and just hear good music for what it is.

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