Photos: The Black Keys @ SXSW, Austin, Texas, USA, 2010

The Black Keys have played a packed out free show at the South By Southwest Music Conference and Festival today, Saturday 20 March, sponsored by MOG.

It was by all reports a freezing cold day and the producer of the The Black Keys’ new track ‘Tighten Up’, Danger Mouse, was watching the show too.

MOG is an online music streaming service and they were launching a new mobile application at the conference. Indie rock meets the future of music, eh?

Seems fitting then this post is only possible through new technology.

These photos were uploaded by fans via Twitter during the performance.

Lucky fans being there, lucky for us technology can quickly represent the moment.

This post is published and the show isn’t even over. Bonkers!

Photos of the show including Twitter address credits of those who uploaded images below:








5 thoughts on “Photos: The Black Keys @ SXSW, Austin, Texas, USA, 2010

  1. I was there, it was a freaking cold day for South Texas! First day of Spring did not get out of the 40’s, very rare for San Antonio/Austin area. The good thing, most parties started over two hours late, and lines were short.

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