The Black Keys’ YouTube Channel

The Black Keys are finally organising their videos and live show footage on their own YouTube page:

The channel is adorned with the new ‘Brothers’ album graphic look.

The Black Keys Fan Lounge understands their record label is seeking to upload all available videos they have on file for the band here. Then live footage will be added as it comes to hand.

It’s a pro-active step to take the initiative to deliver quality vision and sound recordings of the band – all too often missing from uploaded camera phone vision from fans. Alike the new band Twitter News Feed, the YouTube channel will better co-ordinate and improve offerings to fans.

The Black Keys Fan Lounge understands Jonah Schwartz, who was the videographer on the Blakroc project, was present during the recording of the Brothers album at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama, USA. It will be interesting to see how this video vision is presented and no doubt it will appear on this channel. Perhaps it will be used for a series of videos leading up to the album release ala Blakroc, a documentary of the recording, or used for a live video?

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