The Black Keys’ New Live Show 2010

The speculation regarding changes to The Black Keys’ “live show” has ended. Dan and Pat will be joined on stage for the upcoming tour with two new members, at least for some of the tracks. A new set list will also be featured incorporating new material from the Brothers album.

The Black Keys noted changes would occur in a Facebook update some time ago. The change was flagged because much of the material on the new Brothers album is defined by the orchestration of piano, drums and bass which is at the core of the song development. Reflecting or re-creating the recorded sound therefore necessarily posed some challenges within a live environment.

As Dan Auerbach recently commented:

We might bring out a couple of people to play a few of songs with us,” he said. “The majority of the set will still be two-piece, but [we’ll] have a couple of guys come out because we really like a lot of the arrangements on the record and it would be fun to be able to do those live instead of having to strip down. We’ve got two guys who helped us with the live Blakroc stuff, and we became friends with. Leon Michels, a keyboardist and Nick Movshon on bass — they’re pretty tight.

Michels and Movshon run Truth & Soul records. They also play in a group called El Michels Affair and recently released an album of Wu Tang Clan instrumentals.

Fans will recognise them from the two performances of Blakroc tracks live on the Fallon and Letterman shows in late-2009.

The Black Keys, of course, are performing Tuesday 25 May, 2010,  on The David Letterman show and Wednesday 26 May, 2010, on The Jimmy Fallon show. It will be interesting to see if the new band members join them for these shows and which songs they play – probably a different song on each as they did with Blakroc. Most likely it will be the current single Tighten Up and Next Girl.

The set list for the live show will also change with essentially three parts to it. Dan and Pat for the first and third parts and joined by Michels and Movshon for the second Brothers-oriented set. At least, his is how the breakdown of the show went for the first performance of the new set list and band line up at the free Housing Works Bookshop show on 19 May, 2010.

Housing Works Bookshop & Cafe show – “Too Afraid To love You”


New Set List:

Set list photo courtesy of e.Conrad’s Flickr. Post hat tip to Forum member kepnerb.

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