MP3: Dan Auerbach Provides Vocals To Freddie Gibbs’ Track ‘Oil Money’

It’s not quite Blakroc, but Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys has contributed vocals to Freddie Gibbs’ new track ‘Oil Money’.

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The Freddie Gibbs track features Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B and Dan. Freddie has been compared to Tupac Shakur, and listening to his other tracks, you can hear where the comparison draws from.

Gibbs, Chuck Inglish and Chip Tha Ripper are fairly young artists all having emerged in the last 6 years at most, and Bun B has been active since 1989. Chip hails from Cleveland, and though that may not have anything to do with how Dan became a part of this project, it’s quite interesting — they are all from the midwest (Bun B hails from Texas). All of these artists have a following and have collaborated with artists such as The Bloody Beetroots, Ludacris, Kid Cudi, and M.I.A. Also, it was reported in February that Raekwon is developing a biopic where he wants Chuck Inglish to portray him.

It’s always great to hear about the side projects that Dan Auerbach contributes to. He admits that he is a workaholic, and in the last 9+ years of making music, it would not be surprising to hear a confirmation of Dan alone working with over 20 artists.

In an interview Dan is asked which artists inspire the ‘boxiness’ and ‘crunchiness’ of the Black Keys’ produced sounds, Dan explains:

It’s Wu-Tang. It’s The RZA. Those are those hip-hop records we loved. That’s the reason Pat and I started playing, because we wanted to make recordings on the four-track that sounded like RZA productions. It was literally what we wanted to do. It was our goal. Later on, we realized that a lot of the sounds we heard were late ‘60s recordings that were sampled, like drum recordings. And it was all like this circle, and it all made sense when you picked it apart. For us, it was about the groove. The groove was king and things are still like that for us.

It’s a pleasant surprise to see Dan’s name attached to this track, and hearing it with its lyrics and little things like the keys suggests Dan may have had some creative input. Most rappers and musicians would probably credit the luminaries of Wu-Tang as major influences, so it’s awesome to see 5 artists collaborating and mixing their sounds.

It’s great to see Dan and The Black Keys more involved and exposed within the hip-hop community, and fans seem to be embracing them.

From an interview in November 2009 about Blakroc, Dan states:

Hip-hop is the new rock ‘n’ roll, and anyone who doesn’t think that is living in the past. It’s all just American music when you get right down to it. It all comes from the same place.

Freddie Gibbs’ new album entitled “Str8 Killa” drops on August 3rd.

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