The Black Keys’ Australia and New Zealand Tour Dates 2011

The Black Keys are coming back to (Australia and New Zealand) as part of their ‘Brothers’ tour in 2011.

The dates so far, looks like plenty of room for additional side shows.

20 January
Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand (CANCELLED)

21 January
Big Day Out, Auckland, New Zealand (CANCELLED)

23 January
Big Day Out, Gold Coast, Australia (CANCELLED)

25 Jan
Tivoli, Brisbane (CANCELLED)

26 January
Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia (CANCELLED)

27 January
Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia (CANCELLED)

29 January
Enmore Theatre, Sydney (CANCELLED)

30 January
Big Day Out, Melbourne, Australia (CANCELLED)

1 February
Billboard, Melbourne (CANCELLED)

2 February
Palace Theatre, Melbourne (CANCELLED)

4 February
Big Day Out, Adelaide, Australia (CANCELLED)

6 February
Big Day Out, Perth, Australia (CANCELLED)

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