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These recordings previously broadcast by the respective radio stations listed span a time period in the career of The Black Keys between the Magic Potion and Attack & Release albums. They were all freely broadcast, they are reproduced here for the record.

Radio recordings are generally of a much higher quality than any other live recordings. What’s more these sessions are by their nature limited since the band cannot regularly do these type of live recordings. They either simply don’t have the time, too much of a good thing reduces their impact, and most radio stations don’t have studio facilities.

For those fans yearning for some rarities and older tunes in the current live set list, there are some treasures here.

The Strange Desire segue into The Flame is impressive. Would be great to hear that again live alike the Busted segue into Stack Shot Billy that is currently being played live.

Trainspotters will love hearing I Got Mine in its variations, previously The Black Keys’ most recognisable tune.

The cover Here I Am, I Always Am has always been sparsely played so its great to hear that again. The Black Keys Fan Lounge previously featured the KCRW session in this post which included an interview. The Black Keys Fan Lounge has also previously featured a 2003 BBC recording of The Black Keys here.

Live on NPR/WXPN – 18 April 2007

Listen to Your Touch here

Listen to You're The One here

Listen to Strange Desire / The Flame here

Live on NPR/Out Of The Garage – 23 May 2008

Listen to I Got Mine here

Listen to Same Old Thing here

Listen to Strange Times here

BBC Maida Vale Studios – 12 August 2008

Listen to Same Old Thing here

Listen to Strange Times here

Listen to I'm Glad here

Listen to Psychotic Girl here

Listen to I Got Mine here

Live on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic – 31 March 2008

Listen to Same Old Thing here

Listen to Remember When (Side B) here

Listen to Girl Is On My Mind here

Listen to I Got Mine here

Here I Am, I Always Am here

Listen to Oceans & Streams here

Listen to Strange Times here

Listen to 10am Automatic here

Big fat hat tip to JR

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12 Responses to “MP3: The Black Keys’ Radio Recordings 2007-2008”

  1. Tom says:

    Thank you so much for this post, it’s made my week!

  2. Jade Luber says:

    Here’s Dan’s show:

    There’s also footage from the show.

    Also a very cool interview / show from July 2003 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt!


  3. brucini says:

    cheers Jade
    The 2003 show was noted in a previous post that was linked to in this post.
    Dan’s solo work was referenced in this post: http://theblackkeysfanlounge.com/2009/03/dan-auerbach-live-concert-ticket-live-show-reviews/

  4. TheHokes says:

    ah man that strange desire is debaucherous! can these be er taken away shall we say?

  5. thehokes says:

    them maida vale ones are intense!!

  6. brucini says:

    if you can use the interweb, you can figure it out

  7. joe says:

    the black keys at their best! no frills, just passion and intensity. want to know what the BK are all about, listen to these tracks.

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  9. Bond says:

    How can these tracks be converted to mp3 to listen to in my car. I love these live recordings, makes it feel a little more gritty.

  10. cmperki says:

    Great post! Makes my job a little more bearable :)

  11. jody says:

    Hey how can I put this on my i-pod

  12. Merco Steinbrecher says:

    Where can i get them Live Radio Recordings ??????????????

    HELP ME !!!

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