The Black Keys’ Everlasting Light Video Props For Sale

While The Black Keys are having a holiday sale over at their official online merchandise store, an even more exciting sale of Black Keys’ unofficial merch is going on.

The Black Keys Fan Lounge recently featured an interview with film maker and photographer, Jennifer Tzar, who directed the brilliant video for The Black Keys’ song Everlasting Light.

The video has now been posted and therefore endorsed by The Black Keys to their various Facebook and websites. 28,000+ views of the video later and the call from fans asking to buy the props has clearly been heard.

Jennifer has put the props up fo sale on Ebay here:

All the props were either handmade or sourced specially for the video. The bidding is bound to be fast and furious. The sale will only go for a week for all items to be sold before Christmas. May the most worthy fan win, or, in reality, the one with the most cash to spare.

The video that started the commotion:


A few of the items for sale:


Pez Dispensers

Bobble Heads

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