The Black Keys Cancel New Zealand and Australia Tour 2011

The Black Keys’ have cancelled their Australian and New Zealand tour where they were scheduled to appear for the first time at The Big Day Out concert series as well as headlining their own sideshows.

In a statement published on The Big Day Out website the band noted the reasons:

The Black Keys are sorry to announce the cancellation of the New Zealand and Australian tour including all appearances at the Big Day Out touring festival as well as a portion of the European tour in March. An arduous year of touring and promotion has drained the band and necessitated time off.

Dan and Patrick wish to thank all of you who have shown such incredible support since the release of ‘Brothers’ and have helped make the album a success.

Refunds for headline shows available at point of purchase.

It’s currently unclear exactly which of the European tour dates have been cancelled.

Patrick Carney lamented his exhaustion in this interview conducted in late 2010 previewing the Australia/New Zealand tour:

The Black Keys drummer is counting down the days until the band’s current tour around the States winds down.

“It’s going good, but it’s been going on too long now,” Carney yawns down the phone from California.

Carney might have a reason to feel exhausted. The band was on the road for the majority of 2010 – not exactly what he signed up for, he says.

“When we first started the band I thought we could make thousands of dollars and all you’d have to do is play on stage for 90 minutes, what a breeze.

“But I think I added it up and this year it’s 166 days I’ve been not at home. And then the days I have been home I think I’ve spent 50 of them in the studio or doing TV shows or rehearsing.  I basically am always working.

These comments put into context just how hard the band have been working of late. No wonder they’re fatigued, though obviously by booking the 2011 Australia/NZ tour earlier in 2010 they clearly thought they’d be able to soldier on through the inevitable exhaustion of near continuous touring.

12 thoughts on “The Black Keys Cancel New Zealand and Australia Tour 2011

  1. Rest up, Ive seen you twice in the last six months in San Diego and am driving to Vegas and back on the 19th for there show. They are amazing.

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  4. @suzanne the big day out isn’t cancelled because of the floods therefore it can be ruled out. the statement is clear why it the band’s tour was cancelled.

  5. Well,
    Since I paid too much for BDO tickets just to see the Keys, and I have been supporting them since they started up I feel ripped off. Too Tired?? Lame excuse fellas!

    Do you think Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Farmers and anyone else in the real world pulls the pin because they are a bit tired?
    You Travel and preform songs, and get paid.
    You’re not saving lives… Suck it up!

  6. Tate I agree with you 100%, all I hear is whining by 2 guys that are in places every musician dreams of. A lot of bands tour, O.A.R., Widespread Panic, these bands are always playing. Canceling a tour is a slap in the face to the fans. I find it very disrespectful. Sorry Dan and Pat you get zero sympathy here!! Tighten Up ladies and get your ass back on tour!

  7. @steve and tate,
    you should really research a bit how much these guys have been touring, how many shows they’ve played etc, because it’s mindblowing. and not just the tour for this album, but previous album as well, because i was stunned! and considering the amount of press this particular album has had and the amount of tv appearances… i’m not surprised they’re fatigued.
    or maybe your perception of what a tour entails is wrong, because it really isn’t the equivalent of a vacation where you play some music.

  8. jimi hendrix or led zepplin would of never pulled out of a tour like that, they don’t make em like they used to

  9. They shouldnt have not booked so heavily. Why bite off more than you can chew? Surely they’ve been feeling like this for a while now due to arduous touring. Say what you mean, then do what you say.

  10. @lee
    hey buddy, do you know something else about zeppelin and hendrix? yeah, they don’t exist anymore. hendrix is dead and so is bonham. i would rather have my black keys cancel a tour than be dead. just remeber, you don’t live the life they live, so its easy to judge others. obviously dan and pat thought that the stress would have adverse effects on their shows, so they why would they want to play half-assed shows?
    you sure as hell don’t know shit about festivals buddy, because bands pull out all the time. and if your that much of a dumbass to buy tickets to an entire festival just to see one band, then you deserved it. and yeah, people take sick days and vacation days in the “real world” too.

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