The Black Keys’ Nashville, Tennessee, Google Map

In 2009 The Black Keys Fan Lounge created a Google Map showing points of interest in and around Akron, Ohio, related to The Black Keys’ as a resource for fans.

In 2010 The Black Keys relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. In order to archive points of interest during these Nashville Years, a new Nashville Google Map has been created.

You can find it on the Maps page at the top of this website along with the Akron map.

The Nashville map is in its infancy, but is sure to grow. You can make it grow by leaving a comment on the page and new points of interest related to the band will be added. There is specific information about the type of points of interest that will be added on the Maps page.

When you click onto the map markers, information about how the place is related to The Black Keys is shown.

Nashville map

View The Black Keys Points Of Interest, Nashville, Tennessee in a larger map

Akron map

View Akron, Ohio – The Black Keys Points Of Interest in a larger map

2 thoughts on “The Black Keys’ Nashville, Tennessee, Google Map

  1. need to know the venue tonight… never seen you live… I SWEAR not to tell a soul….in from NC so I need a head start on the locals lol
    worth a try

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