Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Studio, Nashville, USA

This is a guest post by forum member Dusty Reeds. The Black Keys’ new album has been recorded at this Dan Auerbach’s new Nashville studio. The Black Keys Fan lounge won’t be publishing the address or adding the studio to The Black Keys Nashville points of interest map on this site.


In mid-September my wife and I made a trip down to Nashville to see The Raconteurs play a show. While we were down there we took in many sights and sounds and among those was Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye studio. While we never got to step foot inside, the observations I made of the building itself and the impression it made on me are what I would like to share with you.

First of all, I took only one picture of the building (below). To snap numerous shots of the perimeter would have been pointless, because one only needs to see the entrance to get what is being asked by the occupants: “Go Away, nothing to see here.”

When I first walked up to the building I thought I must have made a mistake in my research on Easy Eye’s whereabouts. This was the antithesis of being easy on the eye. No sign, just the street address. Very bland in color, and very strong. A fortress, literally.

Numerous security cameras were accompanied an by 10 to 12 foot fence with razor wire (not just barb wire) running the entire length of it. I could not think of a less appealing structure to create music in. Although I imagine the inside is more attractive, I can only wonder as to why Dan felt the need to make the exterior so uninviting.

We visited a couple other studios while in town. Both we’re very warm and welcoming, even on the outside. And this is why I was so surprised to see the blandness of this structure. Many artists create a comfortable atmosphere in the studio in which they are recording to help relax them and bring out their artistry. Dan doesn’t seem the type to be a recluse. I would have expected the guy whom many compare Dan with to be the one with the fortress of a studio. But it was the exact opposite.

I imagine we’ll see before too long what music comes out of this studio from The Black Keys. I expect it will be great and none of this will have an effect on the music. I hope I’m correct. Because I really want this next album to be spectacular.


You can see photos of the inside of the studio here via Alysse Gafkjen’ photos of Dan recording Hacienda’s new album.

8 thoughts on “Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Studio, Nashville, USA

  1. His studio (from the inside) looks very cool! very mid century modern, 70’s looking and analog for sure!

    cannot wait to hear what comes out of it!

  2. I completely understand why Easy Eye is uninviting from the outside. The man values his privacy. In a perfect world, everyone would realize and respect that. I don’t like when someone knocks on my door trying to sell me something or talk to me, and I’m nobody. Imagine how many people would stop by and bother him if they could. It shouldn’t be viewed as cold or rude.
    Check out Haciendaonline.net if you wanna see/hear one of the latest creations to come from Easy Eye…

  3. Many studios (from the highest to the lowest end) look like this for lots of reasons. One main reason is because usually they are in a shitty part of town for better rent and a lower profile and 2) that doesn’t go well with a million dollars worth of recording equipment. Also people come to them with projects I’m sure , that or the project are selected by them, they don’t need to sell people on their quality by having fancy signs and such, the black keys already did that with… You know…. All that other stuff they did.

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