New Album: The Black Keys El Camino December 6

Must be fun being in a rock band with enough money to indulge your sense of humor. The Black Keys are one such band.

In a bit of viral marketing this post was made on The Black Keys Fan Lounge forum yesterday. It looked pretty cheesy.

Hi everyone my name is sara and this is my first time posting… i have been reading the site for almost a year now but never had a reason to post…

to day i was reading the akron beacon journal with my dad at breakfast, and i saw this used car ad that seemed really weird… the description of the car is really cray and then at the end it says call “dan or pat” with a number. so i called the number and it was pat carneys voice. i am convinced it was his voice… but i might just be a TBK fanatic that wants it to be true. i don’t even know what it means if it is pats on the voice mail… anybody know what this is about?

i try to take a photo of the ad and post it here but i don’t know how really.

The poster OMG_TBK later returned to post the ad:

The number on the ad does work, you’ll hear Pat Carney’s voice recording and you can leave a message.
[wpaudio url=” ” text=”Listen to Pat’s recorded message here” dl=”0″]

Turns out the post was as cheesy as the newspaper ad and video trailer that was released today. You’ll need to watch to the end of the video to see “The Black Keys El Camino December 6” noted.


The actor in the video is of course Bob Odenkirk who is playing his character Saul Goodman from the TV series Breaking Bad.

For more info on nothing much (at this stage) go to

Is El Camino an album or a single? December 6, 2011, will be the day of reckoning. It had been thought the album would be released in 2012.

The Black Keys seem keen to mine their own mythology and past. They, of course, toured relentlessly in a pissy van in the early part of the 2000s. These tales are a badge of honour.

Or it’s a wry nod to the fact that they intend to flog their new album like used car salesmen or at least be accused of it.

Either way it’s interesting that this vid alike the Howling For You video is an entertainment source in its own right, but in turn generates the PR heat, retweets and blog posts (just like this one) to get everyone talking.


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