The Black Keys’ Record Store Day Surprise 2011

Update 1 Dec 20111: So when the counter hit the zero hour at, here’s what was revealed, this solitary video. Looks like there’s more to come:



For those of you who bought the 12″ Lonely Boy / Run Right Back vinyl today on Black Friday, Record Store Day, this post will come as no surprise.

Written in reverse on the record run out, which plays inside out, is the url for http// It is also on the reverse of the record sleeve.

At this url is simply a link to iTunes to pre-order the album and a big clock timer ticking down (as seen below).

Alike The Black Keys did last year for Record Store Day with the dead wax etching on the Howling For You / Tighten Up 12″ this quirky move peaks further fan interest.

You guess is as good as anyone else’s with regard to what will happen when the countdown clicker runs right down. It won’t run out on Dec 6, the album release date, rather 1 Dec. Start your rumors now.

For those of you yet to buy it, this nifty video shows the making of the record, in reverse of course.

7 thoughts on “The Black Keys’ Record Store Day Surprise 2011

  1. It actually has the url in reverse. I think they mistakenly added an “L” to “Camino”? Anyways, that site redirects to

  2. The backwards URL is on the back of the vinyl sleeve too:


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