The Black Keys’ Mystery Promo Video

Update: Mystery solved. See this MTV article for details.


It’s now been more than a month since The Black Keys’ released their new album, El Camino. While everything about the release was relatively self-explanatory, one big unknown remains. What was the point of this so-called ‘Masked’ video?


The video shows Dan and Pat having moulds made of their faces to masks.

The video was, of course, released as part of an elaborate Record Store Day promotion for the Lonely Boy/Run Right Back 12″ vinyl release. There was a backwards url placed on the record sleeve that prompted fans to go to a url : The site just had a countdown clock which, when it hit the zero hour, revealed this video.

Even more interesting how come only, to date, 725 or so people have viewed it? Fans seem not to have been interested in it. Or rather it just hasn’t received the publicity it perhaps deserves. Part of the reason the video has so few views is that it is unlisted, so it doesn’t appear on The Black Keys’ YouTube channel if you are looking at the Lonely Boy video, say.

So, what now? What is the point, purpose or meaning behind this video? It doesn’t make sense to develop a campaign around this video for it not to play a further role in the elaborate marketing strategy for this album.

Perhaps it’s part of the ‘making of’ a new video. What do you think? Surely the fans out there are interested to know, or someone knows what the plans are for it. Leave a comment or hit  The Black Keys Fan Lounge up on Twitter with your thoughts.

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