Video: The Black Keys’ Live On BBC Radio 1 2012

The Black Keys’ recently played live to air on DJ Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.  Watch the recorded livestream here:


As Zane Lowe pointed out, The Black Keys’ have a long history of live to air performances on BBC Radio. Legendary BBC DJ John Peel was an early supporter and gave the band airtime in 2003. Listen to the Peel Sessions here.

Zane Lowe is the heir apparent to the John Peel legacy. A famed DJ influencer in his own right, Lowe was the first to play Brothers‘ Tighten Up anywhere in 2010 and was given the honour of being the first to play El Camino‘s Run Right Back in 2011.


2 thoughts on “Video: The Black Keys’ Live On BBC Radio 1 2012

  1. any idea where you can get the video with better quality than youtube or audio files?
    I got the mp3 from youtube video, but audio quality does not exceed 123 kbps: S
    any help is appreciated 😉

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