Other Fans of The Black Keys

Sound Citizen – General music reviews, news and the scene straight outta Chicago.

Grimy Goods – What’s hot in music, skateboarding and other cool stuff.

Done Waiting – Staunch musically minded site of goodness.

Bmore Musically Informed – Get informed by this excellent music blog.

Live On 35mm – Cool black and white photos of a Black Keys gig

Dan Grzeca – Awesome Black Keys poster artist

PrefixMag – Music news site

What Would Jesus Blog? – Because if Jesus had a blog, he’d totally write about old Goldie Hawn movies, Taxi, and the Harlem Globetrotters.

100b – music and maybe some other stuff

Crawdaddy Magazine – cool magazine of rock

The Black Keys Fan Lounge elsewhere on the web:

The Black Keys Fan Lounge MySpace

@blackkeysfans – The Black Keys Fan Lounge on Twitter

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  1. My site is a blog dedicated to vintage guitar tones, Dan Auerbach has been mentioned and linked in a few of my posts. Also I am a dedicated Black Keys fan, they are my favorite band. I bought attack and release out of curiosity as I love finding new music, after hearing the first track ‘all you ever wanted’ I turned around; drove back to the record store; and bought every Black Keys record they had. Have been completely inspired and in awe of their music ever since.

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