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    Chris "Hokes" Dorgan
    Chris "Hokes" Dorgan
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    gotta be honest here, i've got a studio stiffy!!

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    The studio they recorded at was called KeyClub Recording Co in Benton Harbor, Michigan. It's the same studio that the Kills used to record their last few albums.

    Pictures of the studio:

    *edited, link to pics added

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    The Kills and TBK in the same room? My head just exploded

    dusty reeds
    dusty reeds
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    Pat– "We went to the studio in Michigan because they had this really cool mixing desk that used to belong to Sly Stone."

    Now that is nice to hear. 🙂

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    i LOVE the fake track, whoever has recorded it. shazam doesn't recognize it though… any suggestions please?

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    Hello fellow Keys' fans!

    I'm new to this forum, first post matter of fact. I listened to the supposed 'leaked' track before fully reading all your posts. It is a pretty cool instrumental but definitely not Dan and Pat. The guitar is missing his style/angst and where is the low end on the drums? I would hope the new album returns to the raw, gritty sound of Thickfreakness or Rubber Factory. Although if I'm correct, Dan is living in Nashville now so I'd think that southern country spirit would really grab hold of him and hold on tight. Plus his collaboration with Dr.John last year (AMAZING!!!) will heavily influence the sound to go more in the direction of country/honky tonk blues. Really anything he and Pat do will always be amazing and groundbreaking.

    Anyways, looking forward to more discussions on this amazing band 🙂



    pharMellaES pharMellaES
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    Hiya make friends. I*like*you!


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