Listen: Dan Auerbach Interview on Triple J Radio

Cool radio interview from back in October on Australian Triple J radio. Always better to hear an interview than read it.

Dan is really relaxed here for once in an interview – thanks to a few beers apparently.

Are you a Lonely Boy, Dan? Interesting reply.

Dan also confirms the El Camino = The Path meaning, effectively expressed here, rather than laughing off the meaning as he has done in other interviews.

On the possibility of an Australian tour, since the last one was cancelled:

If you hear that we’re coming to your country, you should buy tickets because it’s a miracle.

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The Black Keys and Triple J Radio Hottest 100

Every year Triple J radio, Australia’s national youth broadcaster, holds a public vote for the most popular songs released each year – the Hottest 100. The results are announced on January 26 (Australia Day national holiday) the following year.

The vote has become something of an institution in Australia as well as being a barometer of popularity for the station’s vast demographic. It’s not any old competition. Few radio stations anywhere in the world could boast a competition where there were more than 1 million votes cast by 155,000 people in 152 countries.

The 2010 results have just been announced.

#80: Howling For You

#82:  Tighten Up

This result might seem a little low all things considered in what was their most succesful year.  The cancellation of the 2011 Australian tour probably didn’t lose them too many last minute votes since the voting ended on 21 January, 2011. Two songs in one year is a good effort nevertheless.

Past Black Keys’ results in the Hottest 100:

2004 #57 – 10am Automatic

2009 #179 – Strange Times

Listen: Dan Auerbach Interview On Triple J Radio

Hearing an interview is always the best – I say this everytime, but it’s true. You get to understand how a conversation, in this case, can move from discussing Kalamazoo to Guns n Roses in 10 minutes.

The Black Keys Fan Lounge has featured many Triple J radio interviews over the years. This is certainly one of the funnier ones. Being a Black Keys interview it’s as ecletic as ever.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen to the interview here” dl=”0″]

Dan talks with The Doctor on Triple J Radio’s drive show about:

  • Kalamazoo
  • Blakroc
  • Recording Thickfreakness in 12 hours
  • Frank the Dinosaur
  • Music gear
  • Ultimate Fighting
  • Space
  • High School Years
  • The Brothers name
  • The Black Keys’ first gig
  • Everlasting Light – a one take vocal
  • Guns n’ Roses